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Momentum One is comprised of a team of very passionate people that love to push the envelope.

We take our extensive experience in developing applications in the cloud, using best-in-class technologies with tried-and-tested agile methodologies, and apply it on our clients' projects.
We take no compromises and guarantee satisfaction across all our services.

Why Us

Our values are fundamental beliefs upon which our business and its behavior are based.

  • Integrity
  • Commitment to Customers
  • Constant Improvement
  • Strong Cyber-security

Our Awesome Services

We pride ourselves in the services that the companies need. When you don't have in house, you have us.

Web-design & Web-development

From a landing page to an e-commerce shop, web-apps (web2 & web3), and more, we can design and build the best solution for your product or service!

Software Development

Our focus on building tools to automate repetitive procedures and operations enables our clients to operate more leaner, less error-prone and at a lower running cost.

I.T. Consulting Services

Let us know what troubles your business, and we can find a solution. More often than not, you just need to know the right tools for the job!

Build your brand

Designing beautiful logos, business cards, setting up a professional good-looking Discord server for your community, designing gorgeous solutions at scale, our team can help you through it all.

Our services Momentum One

More coming soon...

As we grow our team and take on more ambitious projects, what we can do over time becomes ever more evolving. We're on a constant learning path that benefits anyone who works with us.

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Caoba Hotels & Tectónica

"Professional, reliable, and enthusiastic with their jobs from the very start of the development! Highly recommended for your own business. If you want to turn an unknown brand onto something completely professional, these guys are your best solution."

Apollo DAO

"... the expertise and knowledge that Momentum One has provided us has been invaluable. Even after the initial set up, the Momentum team is always available to help answer any Discord related questions we have and has been a fantastic resource for our team. "

Hero NFT

"We could only go so far with a great product, we needed great organization and communication. Momentum One came in and organized all of our channels, brought in all the proper hands and mediated all clogs and made it not only efficient but wildly effective."

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